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Extra virgin olive oil 500ml


Extra virgin olive oil 500ml


Only the finest Greek extra virgin olive oil from Crete is good enough for yiayia and her friends. Cold pressed to preserve its unique nutritional features and exceptional flavor. In a convenient 500 ml bottle that you can keep on your kitchen counter or table for everyday use.

Also available in 250ml can and in 5L can

100% Greek extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed

In yiayia’s world, natural is always better. Exceptional quality olive oil from Crete. No unwanted additives – just natural goodness.

Extra virgin olive oil - Yiayia and friends
Yiayia and friends gastronomy

Yiayia’s olive oil is perfect for salads and to add a finishing dash of flavor to cooked dishes.
And with a bottle this cute, you’ll be happy to serve it directly on the table!

Yiayia and friends gastronomy

Made locally

100% produced in Greece

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