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Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml
Yiayia and friends kitchen

Extra virgin
olive oil

Only the finest Greek extra virgin olive oil from Crete is good enough for Yiayia and her friends

Yiayia tends her olive trees under the radiant Cretan sun that helps grow succulent, delicious olives. Everyone in the village gets together for the harvest – a celebration of the earth’s bounty. The olives are cold pressed, solely through mechanical means, to produce superior quality olive oil, preserving its unique nutritional features and exceptional flavor. A true taste of nature in its purest form, courtesy of Yiayia and friends.

Available in 500ml/16.9 fl oz glass bottle, 250ml/8.45 fl oz tin, and 5L/1.32 gal can

Extra virgin olive oils 250 ml - 5L - 500 ml
Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml

Flavored extra
virgin olive oil

Extra flavor is always fun – now Yiayia’s extra virgin olive oil comes in three delicious flavors

How do you improve a classic? Add more flavor! Yiayia and friends’ Greek extra virgin olive oil, with low acidity and high nutritional value, now comes in three delicious flavors, straight from the Cretan countryside. Fragrant basil, savory garlic, and spicy chili. Just a few drops will enhance the taste of almost any dish – so go ahead, be adventurous.

Available in 200ml/6.8 fl oz glass bottle

Yiayia and friends gastronomy

Rusks and

Yiayia’s homemade rusks and biscuits are the perfect treat – because the greatest joy of food comes from sharing

Yiayia always makes something special to offer to guests, people who come to visit or to help out. Her treats are a labor of love, made with all-natural ingredients according to traditional recipes. Discover Yiayia’s range of rusks, breadsticks and biscuits made with Greek extra virgin olive oil from Crete and flavored with the most delicious, local ingredients. No unwanted additives – just natural goodness.

Rusks available in 60g box

Biscuits & breadsticks available in 120g box

Yiayia and friends collection

Yiayia believes in sharing the earth’s plentiful bounty with family and friends, old and new. And who says delicious treats can’t be healthy, too? Our scrumptious cinnamon biscuits are full of flavor and perfect to enjoy with coffee or tea – but most of all, with friends. Or try our biscuits flavored with real mandarins grown in Crete, for that zesty, zingy flavor.

Handmade - Yiayia and friends

You will be spoilt for choice: with the distinctly Mediterranean flavors of sun-dried tomato and onion and olive oil and oregano, our rusks can be enjoyed plain, served as appetizers with dips, or tossed with olive oil, tomato, and soft white cheese to make Yiayia’s favorite – Cretan “dakos” salad.

Olive oil and oregano rusks - Yiayia and friends

We have re-imagined rusks as a healthy snack with big flavor, good nutritional value, and great versatility in serving options. Because Yiayia knows how to make good, solid food that is healthy, tasty, and filling – and can be enjoyed in dozens of different ways.

Our range of rusks and biscuits are meant to evoke the succulent aromas of Greek nature with every bite. Infused with the piquant flavor of this spicy cheese made in Crete, our Graviera cheese rusks can be paired with savory dips and served as an appetizer or added to salads as a super-healthy and delicious alternative to croutons.

Yiayia and friends illustartion

Yiayia rises with the sun and spends plenty of time outdoors – so she understands the need for a good snack to keep her going. We have re-imagined breadsticks as a healthy, filling snack that will give you the energy you need with the flavor you want. Delicious carrot breadsticks, just like Yiayia makes.

Yiayia and friends gastronomy
Yiayia and friends gastronomy

Aged balsamic
vinegar flavored
with fruit

Yiayia believes in serving up traditional flavors with a twist – just like her aged balsamic vinegar infused with natural fruit juices

A little flavor can go a long way. Our new range of balsamic vinegars are aged for years in wooden barrels and blended with all-natural fruit juices; just a few drops will transform even the plainest dish with big, bold flavor notes.

Available in 200ml/6.8 fl oz glass bottle

Greek red fruit vinegar - Greek organic balsamic vinegar - Greek yellow fruit vinegar

Try our Greek balsamic vinegar with orange, mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit for a zesty, zingy citrus kick. Or, if you prefer a more complex, spicy-sour flavor, go for our aged balsamic vinegar with plum, cranberry, strawberry, and pomegranate. And for purists, our organic balsamic vinegar is aged for more than 10 years in optimal conditions.

Yiayia and friends illustration
Yiayia and friends illustration


Yiayia and friends re-imagines traditional Greek food products and culinary design objects by revisiting the creative aspects of our roots

With “Yiayia and friends”, we invoke the unique arts of growing, cooking, and sharing food. In our reimagining of traditional Greek food products, we have included culinary objects as an elemental aspect of food preparation and serving.

Yiayia and friends cutting board

Yiayia’s friends make appearances on solid wood cutting boards, lovingly made from the best materials. We choose our woods carefully, to ensure the quality and sustainability of materials. Each cutting board is crafted with care and attention to detail; they are unique pieces that guarantee years of use.

Yiayia and friends cutting board

Preparing food can get messy; that’s half the fun, but endless laundry afterwards is not. Our range of kitchen aprons starring Yiayia’s friends are made of hard-wearing textiles that will protect your clothes and keep you looking great in the kitchen or in front of the barbecue.

Yiayia and friends cooking apron - cutting board

Good recipes are meant to be shared – Yiayia is always happy to teach others her culinary secrets. With these colorful, perfectly sized notebooks that are easy to carry around, you can jot down all your creative ideas, inside and outside the kitchen.

Yiayia and friends sketchbooks
Yiayia and friends sticker illustration