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Greek organic balsamic vinegar


Yiayia says, good things come to those who wait. Like our balsamic vinegar, made from organically grown grapes and aged naturally for 10 years in wooden barrels. Its deep and complex flavor will elevate even the simplest salad or platter of greens.

Available in 200ml bottle

wine, vinegar and must from organically grown grapes

In yiayia’s world, natural and organic is always better – for us, and for the environment. No unwanted additives – just natural goodness.

balsamic vinegar - Yiayia and friends

Patience is a virtue. Aging in wooden barrels enhances the rich flavor and aroma of our balsamic vinegar.

yiayia and friends illustration

Don’t limit yourself to salads, be creative. The distinctive flavor notes of balsamic vinegar can transform any dish into a proper feast.

yiayia and friends gastronomy

Made locally

100% produced in Greece

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