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Carrot breadsticks from Crete


Carrot breadsticks from Crete


Using a simple, traditional recipe and the best-quality ingredients, yiayia’s breadsticks are heathy, filling, and quite delicious – the prefect snack that gives you the energy you need and loads of big flavor.

Available in 120 g box

wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, 4% carrot, sugar, salt, raising agent (baking powder: sodium pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, wheat flour)

allergens: may contain traces of sesame, tree nuts (almond), and egg

Yiayia knows good, solid food that is healthy, tasty, and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Explore the entire range of yiayia’s rusks, breadsticks, and biscuits.

Carrot breadsticks - Yiayia and friends

Made with the freshest ingredients. No unwanted additives – just natural goodness.

Yiayia and friends Illustration

Enjoy them plain on the go, break them down to make tasty croutons for your salads, or serve them with Mediterranean-flavored dips and a glass of white wine.

Yiayia and friends gastronomy

Made locally

100% produced in Greece

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