Yiayia and friends re-imagines traditional Greek food products and culinary design objects by revisiting the creative aspects of our roots

With “Yiayia and friends”, we invoke the unique arts of growing, cooking, and sharing food. In our reimagining of traditional Greek food products, we have included culinary objects as an elemental aspect of food preparation and serving.

Yiayia and friends cutting board

Yiayia’s friends make appearances on solid wood cutting boards, lovingly made from the best materials. We choose our woods carefully, to ensure the quality and sustainability of materials. Each cutting board is crafted with care and attention to detail; they are unique pieces that guarantee years of use.

Yiayia and friends cutting board

Preparing food can get messy; that’s half the fun, but endless laundry afterwards is not. Our range of kitchen aprons starring Yiayia’s friends are made of hard-wearing textiles that will protect your clothes and keep you looking great in the kitchen or in front of the barbecue.

Yiayia and friends cooking apron - cutting board

Good recipes are meant to be shared – Yiayia is always happy to teach others her culinary secrets. With these colorful, perfectly sized notebooks that are easy to carry around, you can jot down all your creative ideas, inside and outside the kitchen.

Yiayia and friends sketchbooks
Yiayia and friends sticker illustration